Data Providers

HDPBC integrates data holdings across organizations enabling access to safe & governed services that support person centric longitudinal analysis to further public good for British Columbians.

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Why make your data available via HDP?

The HDPBC Platform enables collaborative, governed & safe analytical services in the Province of British Columbia. Data provisioned on behalf of the organizations is accessible within a secure, internet-free environment. All information going in and out of this secure space undergoes human review, guided by comprehensive agreements that define the relationship and outline roles and responsibilities of all parties involved. 

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We offer:

  • Data Access Management: Complete handling of the data access request lifecycle, from consumer engagement to Health Data Council approvals;
  • Resource Provision: Central team for data assembly, regular collection, and refreshes;
  • Data Import: Seamless importation of complete datasets into a fully secure environment;
  • Data Agility: Enhanced data consumer agility within approved research parameters;
  • Request Efficiency: Reduced need for the organizations to service individual research requests;
  • Streamlined Approval: Quick approval process following the 5 Safes Framework for multi-organization requests. 
How is my data being used?
  • Your data is actively managed and stored. We consistently update metadata to ensure accuracy, and regularly refresh the datasets to keep information current and relevant. To learn more, review Data Sets.
  • The data you provide is utilized in a range of ongoing research projects, driving innovation and enhancing understanding across multiple fields. To learn more about the current projects, visit Our Projects.