HDPBC Program & Platform

The Health Data Platform British Columbia (HDPBC) is a secure, cloud-based data research and analysis platform that provides:

  • personalized, secure remote desktop environment for all data consumers;
  • access to extensive, frequently refreshed health sector datasets and their metadata;
  • secure data upload capabilities for data consumers and data contributors;
  • leading tools to examine and analyze data and manage analysis code; and
  • a defined results export process that incorporates review and approval.


 HDPBC Introduction Video

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HDPBC is intended for use by the public sector and academia. HDPBC’s program governance allows for a simplified, unified approval process for access to datasets that span multiple areas and organizations within the health sector. Projects that meet pre-approval requirements (the 5 Safes Model) may have access granted, and an individual analytic environment set up, within weeks of applying. All users of HDPBC perform their analysis within the platform, using the secure remote desktop application, and no data leaves the secure environment without review.

The HDPBC project has received matching funding from the Canadian Institute of Health Research, Strategy for Patient-Orientated Research Initiative. HDPBC solution is delivered in collaboration with Swansea University working in partnership with health authorities and PopData BC.

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The Health Data Platform (HDP) supports research and analysis both within the health sector and in academia. As such, the HDPBC has a multitudes of partnerships provincially and internationally.
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