Data Users

HDPBC offers secure virtual desktops loaded with the requested data for all team members in the project application. Projects that receive sponsorship from a public sector health organization can leverage HDPBC, even if the research and analysis are contracted to an academic institution.

Where to Start

Below are the steps to take in preparation to apply for data access.

Step 1: Identify what data sets your research needs.

  • The Health Data Platform BC offers diverse health sector datasets. To learn more about the available data, metadata information, and the latest data refresh timelines, go to Data Sets.

Step 2: Identify which type of request your application falls under.

  • There are two types of request that an application can fall under. To learn more about the projects that could be approved for the HDPBC Program, go to Apply.

Step 3: Collect required materials and documentation.

  • Each request type has its own documentation requirements. For detailed information, please visit FAQs.



There are two types of requests your application can fall under based on who is sponsoring the project.

Organizational Request 

Organizational requests are publicly funded and sponsored by public sector health organization such as the BC Ministry of Health or provincial health authorities. These also include academic researchers affiliated to an academic institution AND are also an employee or contracted service provider for a public sector health organization such as the BC Ministry of Health or BC Health Authority.

How to Apply?

Download and fill out the (DAR) Data Access Request form (PDF). Once completed, submit it to

Academic Research Request

Academic research requests are initiated by academic researchers affiliated to a post-secondary institution in Canada and who are NOT an employee or contracted service provider to a public health sector organization.

How to Apply?

Visit PopDataBC website to learn more about the process and how to submit your application. 

Note: Academic Researchers affiliated to academic institution who are ALSO Employee or contracted Service provider for a BC health authority or BC Ministry of Health - contact your Health Authority's Point of Contact. Your Health Authority Point of Contact will determine if your project meets the criteria for an organizationally sponsored project as well as receive approval from the Health Authority's Organizational Designate PRIOR to submitting your DAR form.

*If your project has team members from multiple HDPBC sponsoring organizations, then you will require a secondary approval from the respective Health Authorities' Organizational Designates.

Project Life Cycle
Process Steps

Phase 1

Follow the step-by-step guideline below and submit your application for Data Access Request. Please ensure that you have gathered all necessary documents and information before starting the application process.

  1. Meet with us to discuss your project.
    • Contact the MoHAnalytics team for any project-specific questions or general inquiries.
  2.  Complete the HDPBC Training.
    • Mandatory Modules: Privacy, Getting Started, Desktop Functionalities, and Desktop Tools. NOTE: All team members must review the HDPBC Terms of Use and Data Access Framework.
  3.  Determine if you would like to import external data to the HDPBC Platform.
    • Review the HDPBC Cohort Import guidance document and complete the HDPBC Cohort Import checklist. Indicate a team member to complete the Data In transfer from your organization to the HDPBC in your HDP Data Access Request (DAR) form.
  4.  Complete your Application Form and obtain Organizational Designate Approval.
    • Contact your organization's HDP Point of Contact* to assist you with obtaining the signature. NOTE: If you have project team members from multiple HDPBC sponsoring organizations, (e.g., both VCH and FHA) then you will require approval from both Organizational Designates.
  5. Submit your HDP Data Access Request 



Phase 2

Below is an overview of the steps that will be initiated once your application has been submitted. 

  1. Data Council Secretariat will review your HDP Request.
  2. HDPBC Data Council Adjudication or delegated review and adjudication will take place.
  3. Applicant will be notified about the adjudication results, and given conditions to met if applicable.
  4. Your team members will receive onboarding communication and HDPBC Desktop credentials.
  5. The HDPBC secure desktop access will be granted.

* Projects requiring external data import: Cohort import checklist will be required for a secure file transfer of your externally collected data to be completed and imported to your project in the platform.

Phase 3

After the HDPBC secure desktop access is granted, consider following the consequent steps:

  1. Complete your project analysis, referring to our GitLab for code examples.
  2. Request output from the HDPBS Secure Environment.
    • This step requires submitting a "File Out" request. It is crucial to include context around the request, purpose of use, and the overall alignment with the approved project. 
  3.  Your File Out request will be reviewed for privacy compliance.
  4. Determine if you would like to publish the results of your project. 

Phase 4

When your project analysis is complete and your access term has expired, your project will complete the closure process.